Jiactivate – Youth Declaration


How will the youth shape Kenya?

JIACTIVATE is a social movement by and for youth that is shaping a Kenya they want to see.

It started when we asked young people all over the country what they wanted to change. They told us four things. Corruption. Unemployment. Healthcare. Food security.

We then asked them how they’d solve these problems and they had some great ideas. That’s why JIACTIVATE exists, to help Kenyan youth raise their voices, and find easier ways to take action on the things that matter to them.

Over the next three months, our partners will be holding events and running activities nationwide on the four issues listed above. Next, we’ll create a youth declaration based on the feedback we have received. This declaration will then be handed over to every political leader for them to implement and be accountable for.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, JIACTIVATE is your movement. Join us, and help to change your Kenya.


This is your chance to help shape the Kenya you want to see. How you would end corruption and unemployment, and improve access to healthcare and food security?


By volunteering at the nearby public school, I gave a chance to the ordinary kid; a chance for him/her to realize that the world is a better place and is bigger than the ghetto...that dreams are valid and all you need is to reach out to get them. I made a promise to shape them into the leaders we wish we had and into better people who will improve my community as a whole.

Albert Mbeca Njeru

government should provide youth with loans so that they can start there own business and depend on themselves


Encouraging things like farming,opening up markets,introducing industries

Victor kipkorir

We should choose leaders who will do and say....no need to choose a leader because tunatoka the same tribe.....lets for once bring leaders who will bring change...empty promises with violence tumekataa

Fidelis nyaruai mwangi

I wish for a a better Kenya full of hope for the upcoming generation

Jane Mwago

i would create more job opportunities for my community by starting a small organization that teaches about business and talents. It would encourage them to not turn to crime but start their own businesses in relation to their skills. To stop drought I would help people see the importance of preservation of food as well water harvesting. Corruption starts from home so if we start having fairness from the family level it's would help reduce it.

Diana Kimwaki

Create a non-partisan platform for active engagement of African youth in diplomacy, public policy and advocacy to ensure sustainable and inclusive social-economic development.


As youth we can, we should raise our voices higher and make sure that we minimizes corruption, unemployment, poor health and promote food security in our country.

Samuel Ngure

Youth Declaration Song


JIACTIVATE is a non-partisan social movement by and for youth that is shaping a Kenya they want to see.
You can contact us at hello@jiactivate.org or via SMS at 0715744992